Secrets Of A Six Figure Blog

Are you wondering how you can turn your blog into a six-figure business? then, my friend, you’re in for a treat! I want to share with you how you can truly do that!

The majority of bloggers don’t truly share everything they do, or you may feel like there is some hidden knowledge that you can’t access that’ll allow you to generate six figures from your blog.

The truth is, I’ve studied successful bloggers for the past few years and yes, there are some things that stand out I want to highlight on this post.

Six-figure bloggers all have a few things in common and I want to lay it out for you here:

Work On Your Money Mindset

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If you’ve been on a consistent income amount for many many years, whether that’s from blogging or business, and you want to increase your income. It’s extremely important to work on your money mindset first.

If you want to increase your income beyond what you’re used to, you’re going to feel uncomfortable every time you think of the amount you want to make. The brain doesn’t like change and likes to keep what’s familiar.

So when you start to challenge yourself to make more money, you’re going to face some limiting beliefs such as:

  • More money more problems
  • How the heck will I manage this money
  • Everyone will start asking me for money
  • What if I have to pay more taxes

And these subconscious beliefs and fears will cause you to self-sabotage.

In addition, even if you happen to make a big sum of money, you’ll quickly find a way to spend it all to reverse back to what’s comfortable. This is why most lottery winners lose all their money quickly.

An amazing audio course that helped me change my belief system about money is Prosperity Consciousness

It’s an audio program and it truly helped me expand my mind and be okay making more. You have to work on this as you work on your blog because a very interesting thing happens when you switch your focus into making more money, you start to get new fresh ideas and insights! Your subconscious mind works to generate new income ideas.

Treat Your Blog As A Business

To build a six-figure blog, you have to really change the way you look at your blog. I noticed that all the six-figure blogs that are successful are treated as a real business. The blog posts are focused on high quality, helpful content.

The posts are very detailed and focused on the reader, not so much the blogger. While it’s okay to share some of your personal experience, try to keep that to a minimum. You want your blog to focus on providing value to the reader. Solving problems, which is what business is all about.

Your blog focus is going to play a huge role here, but whatever niche you choose to pursue or focus on, make sure you’re solving problems for your readers.

Instead of looking at your blog posts as “enteries” or sharing your daily life, treat each post as a “product” or “service”. Solve problems through educational posts where you can share your best tips, advice, and answers. 

Build Your Blog On A Solid Foundation

From the beginning, treat your blog as a business. Make sure you build it on a solid foundation. I always recommend you build your website on (not so you can have full control over your website.

Also, start with a good hosting company. If you start with a low-quality hosting company, you’ll be forced to change hosts as you start growing because their hosting plans aren’t the best.

And, it’s pain in the a** to switch hosts when you’ve grown a lot. So why not start with a good hosting company you can grow with. If you just do this one step right, everything else will be easy and easy to do later on.

One of the most important things also is customer service whenever you experience technical issues. With Siteground hosting, I get someone in the chat in literally less than 20 seconds.

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Focus On Monetization From The Beginning

The key to a successful six-figure blog is focusing on how to monetize your blog from the beginning. If you waste time on tasks that create no income, you’ll get tired of the wait and quickly start to lose motivation. This doesn’t mean you’ll be scamming people or try to sell products you don’t believe in. You should NEVER do that.

What I mean is that you need to know which monetization strategies you’ll want to implement from the beginning, whether that’s through affiliate marketing or selling your own products. (I’ll go through monetization options in a bit)

And, here’s why you want to do that…

  • You’ll quickly realize whether your niche is actually profitable. A lot of times, we choose the wrong niche (either too competitive or no demand), and it’s just sad to spend months or years writing articles that no one wants or is looking for.
  • When you start to look for ways to monetize your blog, you’ll do market research, keyword research, try to find if there is competition for products you want to create…And this quickly opens you up to how profitable your niche can be.
  • You’ll write your posts with the end goal in mind. Instead of just writing about what you did today, you’ll actually start with the end in mind.

For example, let’s say you want to promote an affiliate product, you can then think of how you can write a profitable post where you can naturally share the product link. You can type up a product review, share your experience, or simply do a tutorial for the product. Someone who’s interested in this product would research the keyword, find your article, read it and finds it helpful and decide to purchase!

  • You’ll have a clearer vision for your blog. Even if you’re just getting started, you’ll organize your blog better knowing how you want to monetize it as your traffic grows. Again, building that strong foundation.

Multiple Sources Of Income

Is it possible to reach six figures from simply one source of income? Absolutely! But it’s much easier when you have multiple sources of income. The bloggers I study monetized their blogs through at least 3 of these monetization strategies:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling their own courses
  • Selling printables or other digital goods
  • Selling coaching programs (fitness, nutrition, etc.)
  • Physical products (planners, books, etc.)
  • Online coaching
  • Freelancing

There are so many possibilities and you simply choose what is more aligned with your goal. But try to implement at least 2 in the beginning and expand as you grow.

Build An Email List

All six figures bloggers built a close relationship with their email community!

Building an email list is a great way to build a community of people who are interested in what you have to say and offer. 

When someone subscribes to your newsletter and stays on your list, you have the opportunity to build an amazing relationship with this person through high-quality content and offers.

When you have an email list, you can send direct promotions to products of your own or affiliate products. You can also send your list the latest articles you wrote (which will get you traffic to your blog articles) which will lead to more ads income.

Having an email list is one of the most important business assets. And there are customers who will buy and love everything you create.

Face Failures And Keep Moving Forward

The road to building a thriving six-figure blog is far from being smooth and easy. You should know that and expect to face some challenges.

I have yet to meet one successful blogger who didn’t face a ton of setbacks and failures. You’re going to have to write many articles, experiment with different monetization options, listen to your audience, and stay very consistent and disciplined. 

Starting this journey ready to face a few challenges will get you mentally ready for success. Because you will be unstoppable and the moment you face a problem, you’ll work through it, fix it and keep going.

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