Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review After 1 Year Using The Course (Real Results!)

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I waited more than a year to review Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

The reason I waited so long to be able to give an honest review. I paid for this course in full.

While I am an affiliate for it, I still wanted to wait so I can show real results (not just screenshots from the course sales page).

I used Pinterest Traffic Avalanche mainly to grow my fitness blog. I don’t blog about blogging over there. And While I’m also applying the same techniques to grow this blog, I’m only going to share the results from my first blog which is older and is where I applied the course strategies mostly.

My first blog reached 200k viewers per month after applying the strategies from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche! In July, I finally reached the minimum requirement to apply for Mediavine (a premium ad network).

I’m going to show you all the details below…

Before Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Before purchasing Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, I was blogging since early 2016. Yet, for about 2 years my blog just hit a plateau and stopped growing.

Here are what my stats looked like for more than 2 years.

blog traffic first months

I worked hard to get my blog to reach 25k views per month. But that was it. The spikes above are from random Pins that went viral. But I could never duplicate the results. And I hated that they’d die off so quickly.

I wanted something to work for the long-term so I can feel confident taking a vacation or a break from my blog and know things are still working on autopilot. I didn’t want to be a slave to my blog…always pinning.

Getting to 50k or even 100k views felt like an unrealistic and unbelievably hard goal to get. I was spending hours pinning and sharing my posts everywhere and I was still stuck around the 25k pageviews per month.

I’ve been stuck around 25k views for over a year.

I also didn’t want to pay for ads. I didn’t understand how they worked and I was already paying for many expenses and not making much. I couldn’t justify paying for ads.

I have to confess, I purchased another Pinterest course prior to investing in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. It was more than double the price. But unfortunately, the majority of the course was focused on beginning tutorials which I’ve already known. It didn’t help me move past my 25k views per month.

Finding Out About Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

When I was reading about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (I don’t remember exactly which blog post mentioned it, and I just clicked on the link to read more), I saw the amazing results Lauren and Alex were getting (the course creators).

What also stood out to me was that they also started their blogging journey not blogging about blogging. Their first blog is focused on fitness and weight loss. So, I knew that their strategies would work for all niches. 

It seemed like all the previous courses were created by bloggers who only blog about blogging. So I felt confident in their teachings since they didn’t start that way.

After Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

After more than a year and a half implementing the strategies in this course. I couldn’t believe how fast my blog was growing. I went from 25k monthly views to 200k monthly views in less than a year! It felt like I finally cracked the code.

Before April 2019 (when I purchased the course), I was getting around 25k views per month (barely 17k sessions). This was after so much time spent pinning and writing more blog posts.

Here is a screenshot of my traffic growth after a year:

I purchased PTA on April, 2019.

If you’re wondering if I was doing anything else besides Pinterest to contribute to this… Here are my traffic sources to prove that it came mainly from Pinterest:

As you can see, Pinterest accounted for about 83% of my traffic, followed by Google. One thing I noticed was, working on growing my Pinterest traffic also improved my Google ranking. It was amazing and here’s what happened…

…Because my blog posts were ranking better on Pinterest, many of them started showing up in Google search (pins showing up in Google!).

In addition, because people were sharing and reading my blog more, that increase in viewership also helped my google ranking.

This helped my SEO in major ways.

My Honest Review Of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

As you can see above, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche paid for itself many times over! The increase in traffic immediately increased my income as well. I got accepted to Mediavine 3 months after that.

The great thing about this course is…it teaches you how to experiment with Pinterest so you can adapt to new changes.

In addition, Lauren and Alex even share their beginner’s mistakes and what to avoid doing on Pinterest.

Here’s what I loved about this course:

Very affordable. The course price is currently $197 but I won’t be surprised if they increase its pricing. This course is very affordable compared to other Pinterest courses in the market.

As I mentioned before, I purchased a course that was double its price and was not too impressive about it.

It works for any niche. Lauren and Alex show you many examples of different niches. This was very useful if you don’t just blog about blogging.

If you’re wondered before if the Pinterest strategies work for other niches, well Alex will even show you examples of successful guy-focused  Pinterest accounts. This is not a course just for bloggers who blog about blogging. But for any niche!

Always getting updates. I have to say, Lauren is super up to date with any new changes to Pinterest. She’ll go and update the course right away upon any new Pinterest algorithm updates.

She is very active in the Facebook group, and so is Alex. They do Live videos about new updates, what they are doing on Pinterest, and also answer questions from members.

You won’t need any new course after it. What I loved the most about this course is that it includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies.

If even goes to teach you about Pinterest ads (when you’re ready to invest) and so many ninja tips to grow a six-figure blog. They left nothing out and it’s for this reason that I think they may increase the price of this course in the future.

This course not only helped me reach my goal of hitting 100k views per month but it helped me go beyond it.

I’ve been thinking for a solid 10 minutes about things I didn’t like about the course and I have to be honest, I couldn’t find any. So I didn’t want to make something up to pretend I’m unbiased. If I think of something I’ll update this post.

Alex and Lauren are always updating the course and removing things that don’t apply anymore to Pinterest. They’re also very honest and when something doesn’t work for them, they openly share it. 

Please understand that you have to apply the strategies in the course for it to work.

I went through many lessons many times. I only skipped a few beginner videos or bonus tutorials I planned to watch at a later date.

Many people just buy a course and go through 5% of it and expect immediate results. You have to watch and listen to the lessons and apply the strategies.

Because I’m extremely busy, I had to find ways to watch the course when I’m doing cardio, doing the dishes, or even working out!

Multi-tasking helped me go through the course faster. When I hear a good tip or get inspired and have an idea I can apply, I quickly write it down and take action the next day.

I know it may feel like the price is too much when just starting out. Remember that it’s an investment on your blog that’ll derive tremendous benefits.

And after experiencing the amazing traffic and income growth, the $197 will feel like a tiny one-time investment that derived tremendous benefits. (That’s how it feels for me now. And it took me days to decide to buy it!)

I want you to think about the results this course can get you. And how much time it’ll save you. Imagine the income potential from your blog once you reach the 50k and 100k page views per month.

Here’s the link to read the full course sales page and see what it includes. If you have any questions about the course, comment below.

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