7 Indispensable Millionaire Morning Habits And Rituals

Have you ever wondered what a morning routine of a millionaire looks like? Because I did too.

Since I started my business, I’ve been fascinated by how some people can create success in their businesses and become millionaires and others don’t.

I wanted to know what secret rituals or routines they follow, if there were any.


I was more inspired by the millionaires who were self-made, who created their abundance helping others and providing value in the world, and who were authentic and had integrity. 

This post summarizes what I learned studying many self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, from mentors to coaches I worked with.

I already read and studied many millionaire mindset books to see what they all had in common regarding daily routines and rituals.

Success leaves cues, and I wholeheartedly believe that if we model and learn from successful people, we can also create success in our lives.

 I’m summarizing what I remember from all of them (the habits that kept showing up in all these people)

So here’s what a morning routine of a millionaire entrepreneur looks like:

No distraction Morning Time

Most of the millionaire entrepreneurs I studied mentioned putting their phones in flight mode the night before to not wake up with email or notification distractions.


Many recommended disabling App notifications, so they don’t get you out of focus throughout the day. I’ve done this myself, and it is true that simply turning the apps off or turning my phone facing down has helped me focus and get so much more done.

Millionaire Morning Routine

Breath and Meditation Exercises

Tonny Robbins has many videos sharing his deep breathing morning routine. He is a success and always starts his day with a breathing exercise to “reawaken” his nervous system.

I love to start my day with a deep breathing exercise because it helps to calm my mind and tap into my intuition and figure out what I want to create that day (or through my businesses in general).

I also make my ceremonial cacao (which helps me calm my mind and support my creative process).


Meditation is usually my next step after cacao. It can help you get out of your head and tap into your inner guidance.

If you feel anxious or stressed, it can also help you relax. And it’s a great way to transition into visualization, which is another powerful habit that many successful people use (including top athletes).

Thinking Time & Journaling


I was listening to “How successful people think,” on Audible, and the author mentioned that most people avoid thinking altogether. He said, “Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it.”

This stuck with me, and I started to assess how much thinking time I do. By thinking, I mean sitting down with a notebook or just letting my mind think freely and wonder.

This small habit has helped me develop many successful projects by brainstorming ideas and thinking of the possibilities and how to make them happen.

I am still working through this book and challenging myself. But one thing was clear, successful people who have a growth mindset set aside some time away from all distractions to think.


Visualization is a very powerful habit I started using back in 2011 when I struggled a lot from chronic pain.

My body was going through a lot of muscular pain, and for years I began to feel so limited, restrained, and hopeless.

I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, and not being able to do that freely really impacted my mental wellbeing.

Visualization was a daily habit that transformed my health. I would lie down and visualize myself running and jumping with no pain.

I wanted to feel that again, and visualization gave me that gift. I then started to apply this to other areas of my life, including travel…I would watch travel tour videos where the person filming is walking around or along a beach and imagine myself doing that.

I feel the excitement of that place and how happy It would feel to be there. I would think about my goals during my daily walks and visualize myself already achieving them and feeling the excitement. I’d ask myself, “how would that feel like” and let myself feel it.

It’s so important to familiarize yourself with your goal and what you want to achieve. It should feel like a “no big deal” when it happens because it already happened in your mind.

Visualization was a recurring habit in many books about success and achieving wealth. The Miracle Morning Millionaires book mentioned this habit. One of my favorite books, Psychocybernetics, refers to it as the theatre of the mind.


Following many millionaire entrepreneurs online. They all put their health first. Movement is an essential habit. Because without health, you can’t function effectively and be at your top self.

workout routine entrepreneur

Taking care of your body should be a #1 priority. You don’t have to exercise so early in the morning. I don’t. I like to push my workouts after having a few meals and feel more energized (usually around 11 am).

But the point is… exercising is a consistent habit among successful entrepreneurs as long as you are moving your body in some way and not neglecting your health. Exercise will help you feel energized, strong, and confident.

Goal Setting

Without exception, goal setting was a common strategy and habit among successful millionaires or entrepreneurs.

Goals allow you to know where you are heading and provide you with a way to track progress and have a mission in your life. I have yet to study a millionaire entrepreneur who doesn’t set goals for life and business.

Tony Robbins has some great resources on goal setting. In addition, I find GOALS! book a fantastic start to learning how to set and achieve goals.

Setting Daily Priorities


Goals allow you to break down monthly, weekly, and daily outcomes.

Every day, you’ll feel clear on what you need to do to get closer to your big goal. If you don’t set daily outcomes and priorities, you are letting whatever else comes up in the day fill your time and focus. If you don’t have something to work towards, you won’t know exactly what actions to take, and you’ll just be winging it every day. 

Imagine if you knew the actions to take to achieve your big goals. You’d wake up feeling motivated and excited to get started. In addition, you’ll be saying more “nos” to things that don’t matter while staying laser-focused on only the tasks that will get you closer to point B.

Reading and Education

I already recommended a few books in this article you can start with!

Readers are leaders. Reading is another habit that keeps coming up among successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. These people all have a growth mindset. They are constantly learning and trying to improve their skills.

Reading for just 5-10 minutes a day can help you expand your mind, learn new strategies and tips and teach you so many new things. Of course, you want to read books that will help you move forward in your business. Leave the fiction books to the evening before bed or off-time.

I hope you start by incorporating some of these habits. I have no doubt that you’ll feel much more focused and you’ll make good progress in your business and life.

When I’m busy and can’t fit all of these into my morning, I usually stick to my cacao time where I meditate for 5-10 minutes to allow my mind to calm down and to think about my day and what I’d like to accomplish…I then, write down my priorities, review my goals, and start my day!

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