Convertkit Free Plan vs Free Trial (Free 1000 subscribers!)

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Convertkit is not offering a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers!

When I first started with Convertkit, this was not an option. So I’m very glad they decided to offer this option for new prospective customers. It’s a great way to see what Convertkit is like.

Before I continue, please note that I’ve been using Convertkit for the past few years to manage over 9k subscribers on my first main blog. My email list is my most important blog asset and I gladly pay for Convertkit each month.

Convertkit has helped me build an amazing relationship with my audience, and it has made it super easy for me to grow my income through my email list because of how easy the platform is.

I believe that the more complicated a platform or email software is, the less motivated it’ll be for you to create a new campaign or send an email.

In this post I want to share my opinion on what I think about the free plan, and also answer the question about the difference between Convertkit free plan and Convertkit free trial. And which one to go with.

Convertkit Free Plan vs Convertkit Free Trial.

What the free plan has to offer:

The free plan is designed to help you grow your email list. And I honestly think this should be your only focus when you’re just starting out. 

Forget about advanced automation funnels and complicated sequences.

You have to focus on growing your email list and putting all your energy on perfecting your lead magnet offer and making sure you deliver value through your free resources.

After years of blogging, I can tell you that I had to step back and simplify my email marketing strategies.

I realized that focusing on too many automations, tags, sequences, etc. just overwhelmed me and was an excuse to not actually send emails. 

There is a place for all of that later on in your blogging journey. But when you’re just starting out, make sure to focus on what matters… Growing your email list.

The free plan gives you everything you need to accomplish this goal. It also offers you the ability to manage up to 1000 subscribers for free (and remember that you can get even an additional 1000 free subscribers if you refer a friend).

Convertkit free plan features:

convertkit review landing page
  • Unlimited beautifully designed landing pages.
  • Unlimited sign-up forms to embed on your website, anywhere.
  • You can send unlimited email broadcasts (the emails you write and send as a ‘newsletter’)
  • Tagging (this is really great so you can organize your email list and get familiar with Convertkit powerful tagging feature.
  • And so much more.

Click here to get started with the free plan and get 1000 free subscribers.

How to get an additional 1000  free subscribers on the free plan

Convertkit has a great referral program available for all users. When you sign up for your account, click on the referral program inside your account.

When you refer a friend to Convertkit to create an account, You’ll get 1000 free subscribers credits!

Convertkit free plan

So you can keep growing your email list on the free plan for as long as you keep referring new people to Convertkit. Isn’t that amazing?

What the free trial has to offer:

Now the free plan is different from the free trial.

If you already have a big email list and you’re looking beyond just growing your email list but also to take advantage of all the features of the free plans, then you should probably start with the free trial.

You’ll unlock all the advanced Convertkit features:

  • Visual automation funnels
  • Automated email sequences
  • Premium support
  • Free migration from another tool

You’ll be able to move your automation, funnels, and automated sequences and continue with Convertkit without interruption.

Convertkit also offers free migration from another tool to save you the headache of doing it yourself.

The free trial also gives you a great opportunity to get familiar with Convertkit and even do a test drive before you commit. 

The great thing is…the referral program also applies here! So you can get started with the Convertkit basic plan, and just get more subscribers credit whenever you refer a friend. 

You can get started with the free trial here

Can I Use The Free Plan And Get The Free Trial?

You can’t switch between the free plan and the free trial simply because they both offer different features. Hopefully, this post helped you figure out which one you need to go with depending on where you are in your blogging journey and how many subscribers you have.

If you currently have a small email list (less than 1000), I recommend you start with the free plan.

If you currently have more than 1000 subscribers on a different email marketing platform and you want to move to Convertkit, sign up to the free trial and use the free migration feature.

The 14-day trial will allow you to get familiar with Convertkit and make sure everything works smoothly before you move.

Don’t cancel your account with your old email marketing software until you have fully migrated so you don’t lose on any new subscribers who may be using an older form or landing page.

What I Love About Convertkit

One very important aspect of Convertkit that I love is that it was designed for bloggers and to simplify email marketing.

I love how the emails look and feel.

I also love the visual automation funnels. I am a visual person and I love getting an overview of how my funnels. It’s really amazing what you can do.

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