How To Become A Client Magnet & Easily Attract Clients

In this post, you’ll learn how to attract clients easily, effortlessly, and just become a client magnet.

I want to share everything I know to be true on this topic. Whether you are building a coaching business, consulting, or teaching. If you have a business and want to grow your online practice (or offline), I’m sure you’ll benefit immensely from the important tips below.

There are 2 parts to becoming a client magnet, the mindset component, and the business strategies. We’ll cover both here.

become client magnet

There are two aspects of becoming a client magnet, the mindset aspect and the action taking aspect. We focus primarily on the action taking part of it, which looks like this:

  • Starting a Facebook page and making it look pretty.
  • Creating quotes on Canva and getting lost in the design aspect of the content creation process.
  • Ordering business cards.
  • Getting branded pens and mugs. (I seriously see start-up entrepreneurs do all these things when they have zero clients)

Don’t get me wrong. I can get sucked into these things as well. I can easily spend days playing with logos or designs.

Instead of focusing on these time-wasting to-dos…we should be getting into the mindset of becoming a client magnet. 

The mindset part is HUGE and will need more of your attention and work. 

When I discovered that I had huge blocks, not attracting but repelling clients, I knew something had to change.

How to repel clients:

  • Imposter syndrome.
  • inconsistency.
  • Not knowing clearly who to serve.
  • Limiting beliefs around receiving money in exchange for a valued service.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Fear you won’t give them results.
  • Fear of success.

These things fester in your subconscious mind and directly impact the action-taking aspect of getting clients.

This can show up like:

Doing activities that aren’t about getting clients but just filling up time, like spending weeks designing a logo and business cards.

Making a handful of videos or writing a few posts and throwing in the towel and deciding it’s not gonna work.

Offering free coaching to anyone on social media (free consults, free consults, free email coaching…).

Facing anxiety when you need to ask for and close the sale.

You probably end the sales call without even asking… giving people the impression they can go think about it and enroll whenever they feel like it (or not). That they can get back to you whenever… And if they don’t get back to you? Well, you secretly feel relieved.

I mean, seriously?

But I know this because it’s what many coaches go through. You really want to succeed, but deep down, you’re scared of success in a way. You don’t know what you’ll become if you grow. Will people still like you?

So the first step to attracting more clients is to work on all this mind-stuff. These blocks won’t get you to create the business and life you desire.

Mindset Tools To Naturally Attract Clients

Here are some fantastic routines and tools that helped me grow my coaching practice:

Journaling about limiting beliefs around getting more clients, fear of rejection, imposter syndrome.

Doing this work will enable you to take action fearlessly and be confident and authentic to yourself. How can you take massive action, show up 100% to sales calls, or even existing coaching clients if you have all these limiting thoughts and ideas around your work?

The next part is the action-taking aspect. These strategies and to-dos will get you more exposure to attract your next client. 

Business Strategies To Attract Clients


Clarifying Your Message and Target Audience

Know exactly who you want to work with and get clear on what you can help them with.

You want to know exactly what their challenges are, how they affect their lives, and how you can help them.

When you genuinely understand your niche, people can feel understood when talking to you and feel like they finally found someone who can understand their language and help them. You’ll also approach each sale call with empathy and a true desire to help.

This will be seen in your social media posts, videos, blog posts.

How would it feel to get an email or a comment from someone saying something like, “omg, you describe me and my life exactly. I am so glad I found your page”.

Focus On 1-2 Social Media Platforms & Be Consistent.

Spreading yourself thin will only lead to overwhelm and exhaustion. If you try to master Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, etc., you’ll only be giving a little bit to each platform, and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

How do I know? I’ve done it. And I’ve tried to systemize as much as I could with a ton of scheduling software. It didn’t work to free up my time.

I still had to learn the software, create different images for different platforms (because they all have different sizes), then schedule them.

Some platforms, like Facebook, made it clear the algorithm would suppress posts shared through scheduling tools, so you have to manually post to reach people…So you end up spending your time split between all these platforms.

You can easily spend a whole Sunday trying to schedule and post to many platforms and end up with just a week’s work of content. It’s a lot of work that’ll leave you tired.

Focus on 1-2 platforms to start. Where your target audience hangs out the most. And post a lot there. Be patient to grow a following. It won’t happen in a few days. You can engage in groups or forums to provide value; just make sure your profile is optimized, so people who want to look into your profile have a call to action.

If you are interested in focusing on Instagram, check out my post: how to get clients on Instagram. It’s packed with back-end and front-end strategies to help you get clients from Instagram.

Building An Email List. 

In my honest opinion, an email list is the most crucial asset in a business (especially online). You probably heard of people who got their whole Facebook page deleted or their Instagram account suspended. The algorithm can change, and you lose traffic…so many things can happen you can’t control.

But you know what you own and can control? Your email list. Even if it’s a list of 20 people.

Don’t believe what people say about email marketing is dead. It’s not true.

Do you have an email address? and do you check it regularly? Well, the majority of people do! And you know what’s so unique about that…when you open an email, there are no distractions; you’re not scrolling past it or have ads all over it. It’s just the email.

And there is nothing more personal than reaching someone in their inbox. So email, in my opinion, is still a fantastic tool to promote your coaching services.

You can start with a free account here with Convertkit, my email marketing software of choice. I love how Convertkit makes your email feel personalized as if it’s coming from a friend.

You can create landing pages offering free resources such as downloadable reports, checklists, sheets (what you feel can provide value to people in your niche), and collect their email as an exchange.

You can place the link to the landing page across all your social media platforms and promote it frequently. People love freebies, and this is the best way to show people what you can help them with and get their email for future communication.

If you have a blog, you can create in-post forms through Convertkit and promote your freebie or create a content upgrade.

A content upgrade is a piece of free resource that supplements your article. If you have an article about home organization, you can create a checklist PDF people can print out to help them organize their homes. And the checklist will be sent to their inbox!

The best part is that, in the PDF checklist, after you deliver the content, you can talk about your services at the very end of your courses. Whichever you do. It’s a fantastic way to get yourself and your services in front of your target audience.

You also know that the people who opt-in are interested in that topic. So you can contact them and talk to give them more tips and your offerings.

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Be Yourself

People do business with people they like and trust. People will sense that if you’re trying to be someone else or create a fake persona. And you don’t be operating confidently. Always be yourself when creating your content. Don’t try to copy others.

Start a Blog or Youtube Channel.

There are two ways to market your services and promote your offerings. Pulling (attracting) or pushing.

Pushing can take the form of prospecting, emailing, promoting to your email list, or social media followers.

Attracting or drawing clients in can be creating content, adding value for free, and putting things out there consistently through a blog or youtube channel.

Blogging helped me launch my coaching business and attract clients through posting articles that were found in search engines. This is one of the best ways to naturally have your target audience find you and check you out on their own.

Check out my post here on how to start a blog from scratch.

You can leave a link to your website landing pages, courses, or free material.

People find your material, consume it, appreciate the value, and want more…so they look for premium programs, coaching, or your private offerings.

In summary, you should be working on both your mindset and business to become a client magnet. Your mindset is going to determine whether you take the right actions or not. Be sure to work on both and be careful what activities you engage in that don’t contribute to your business goals.

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