12 Top Books For Female Entrepreneurs (You probably haven’t heard of)

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This is probably my favorite post on this blog…Because I love reading. And now I get to share some of my favorite books for female entrepreneurs with you (if you’re male, please keep reading. I’m sure these books are valuable to all).

Entrepreneurship and self-development books make up at least 70% of what I read. I also love to read about health and fitness and a tiny bit of mystery.

Books truly transformed my life. Business and entrepreneurship books can be inexpensive to learn without paying for an expensive course.


You probably noticed that many of the businesses are geared towards the male community. They are more focused on the “hustle” mode, and just have that masculine energy to do business. While that has its place, I’ve seriously come across some authors recommending aggressive habits to achieve success. (Great way to mess up your hormones, mood, and health)

I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of lifestyle business I want.

So out of all the books I read, I compiled a list of excellent books for both men and women, but I feel female entrepreneurs would find it more helpful.

I am basing this on my experience as a female entrepreneur. I feel like females take on more responsibilities and commitments leading to burnout, especially mom entrepreneurs who deal with a million tasks on top of their businesses.

While these books have both female and male authors, I picked them based on their focus to help you do things more efficiently, succeed as a female entrepreneur, and lead your business with more ease and flow.

If you’d rather listen to these books instead (I get a lot of my reading done during my walks, get Audible here)

Let’s get started!

12 Top Books For Female Entrepreneurs

The Science of Getting Rich

I’ve read many books on the mindset of getting wealthy and creating abundance, and this is by far the most concise book of them all. Every week, there seems to be a new book about the law of attraction or making money.

This book was written in 1910. It’s a classic. Most books on this subject have copied a lot of principles from this book. The author even mentions you should not need any other book once you understand and apply these principles.

If you’re struggling to build a creative business or feel stuck at the same level and want to increase your income, this book will definitely help you shift your mindset.

How to Lead a Badass Business From Your Heart

This book was written by a close person to my heart, Makenzie Marzluff, the creator of Kakao ceremonial drinking chocolate (my daily fuel!), Delightedby, and Request bars.

She is a conscious entrepreneur and starts new businesses by following her intuition and making decisions from the heart.

If you feel resistant or unsure how to birth a new business idea and have a big desire to be an entrepreneur, this was a great inspirational book filled with meditation, journaling, and visualization techniques for conscious entrepreneurs.

Unstoppable Self Confidence

What a book! This was definitely one of the best books I’ve read in 2022 (I’m reviewing it currently). This book goes beyond self-confidence. In fact, the author doesn’t even talk that much about self-confidence in the book.

He focuses on what we need to unlearn to achieve the natural confidence we were born with.

I highly recommend this book.

Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself

The best book I’ve read on boundaries. It includes many techniques to use with clients, friends, and family.

Boundaries are one of the things I struggled with the most in my business. I literally faced situations with clients emailing me on Sundays or late at night expecting immediate answers.

I struggled with people requesting me to run errands for them in the middle of the day (because when you’re working from home, people don’t take it as seriously as a “real desk job”). I struggled with boundaries in general in my life, and it got worse when I started my business.

If it’s hard for you to stand up for yourself or say no to people, I highly recommend this book. It was so hard to put it down, and it made me realize how important setting boundaries are.

The Success System That Never Fails

This book lays out a system to follow to guarantee success in your life and business. I listened to this book on Audible when I was doing a lot of driving and walking.

Each chapter focuses on one area of life and business. It’s a timeless classic. I recommend you give a read or a listen when you have some extra time.

Self Help for Your Nerves

In 2021 I suffered a terrible panic attack. After being under stress for a while and one day, my body couldn’t take it anymore. It was how I discovered this short book. And it taught me so much about how to relax the nervous system and deal with stress in life.

If you are juggling multiple tasks and feel under a lot of pressure, I encourage you to give this book a read. It’s a short book that contains excellent techniques to relax your nerves. If you have anxiety or panic attacks, this book is a must-read.

(In addition, research has shown that panic attacks occur more in women than men (1))

Release Your Breaks

One of my favorite books about uncovering and releasing limiting beliefs. I remember stopping many times to reflect on what I had just read. I had a lot of aha moments.

If your goal is to create a business that does well, you’ll be met with many resistance and beliefs that aren’t that helpful and would really slow down your progress or keep you small. If you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, or beliefs that are sabotaging your progress, Release your breaks is a great book to start working on these issues.

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The Big Leap

Just like Release Your Breaks, this is another book that deals with limiting beliefs. It talks about the Upper Limit Problem.

The author explains it in different ways, and I like how he put it as…when things seem to be going well, we’ll tend to self-sabotage because we feel we don’t deserve things to go that well for us. This is done at a subconscious level and stems from deep limiting beliefs.

If you feel stuck or constantly experiencing setbacks in your business (or life), this book will help you learn more about self-sabotage.

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More 

When I think about efficiency, doing things in less time, getting more done doing less, the 80/20 principle comes to mind.

This book has really made me think about how I go about my daily priorities in business and life. It will teach you to become more efficient by focusing on what matters most in your business.

I recommend you pick up this book if you’re playing Whac-A-Mole every day, jumping from one thing to the next, and feeling like you’re not getting significant results.

It’s a bit technical (although I was able to read it easily)…It’s just not a casual read and would require you to actually think about the principles and how you can apply them to your business.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

This book is from the same author of Profit First. The title caught my attention, and I thought it was hilarious…I found this book extremely helpful in showing you how to save money on expenses and be very efficient as a new entrepreneur.

Coaching Questions

If you have a coaching-based business, this is a great book to support you build better coaching questions. The book helps you also organize your coaching questions depending on the goals you want to help your clients reach.


This fantastic book is written specifically for ladies to showcase how toxic the hustle culture is and how bad it can be for your health and morale.

I love how the author encourages more afternoon naps and actually honoring taking more time for yourself because it will help you make smarter decisions in business. I find this to be very true personally.

I tend to get into “hustle” mode a lot whenever I’m excited about a new project. I start to notice it’s usually followed by periods of burnouts where I feel completely exhausted, and my productivity goes down. I’d rather be sustainable in my business.

If you’re tired of hustling and not getting significant results, pick up this book written by multi-millionaire Denise!

I hope you found these women entrepreneurs helpful. If you decide to read a few of these, please let me know your takeaways and how they’ve helped you in your business. Remember, it’s important to apply what you know!

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