6 Blogging Mistakes You’ll Probably Make As Beginner

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I made a ton of blogging mistakes as a beginner blogger that I can’t even count.

I still remember the excitement and thrill of buying my domain name, setting up my blog, and writing that first post. Thinking that in just a few days…thousands of people would visit my website and turn me into a full-time blogger.

I started my first blog in 2016 and it grew to 200k visitors per month. The road was full of ups and downs. And I truly believe that so many bloggers quit because they don’t know what to expect. And when they see no results in those first few weeks, or months, they think this blogging thing is just not gonna work.

In this post, I want to share with you a few things that I truly wish someone told me when I first started my blog.

I’m sure it’d have been helpful to know these things during the hardest days.

I hope this will give you hope and inspire you to keep going.

Giving Up Because Others Tell You It Won’t Work

If your friends and family are supporting your dreams to pursue blogging, that’s great!

Unfortunately, not everyone will buy into this blogging business thing. Even if they don’t have a big influence in your life, and they’ll express that in some way when the opportunity comes. and you have to stand your grounds.

For example, someone may throw a comment at you to question your goals. Or they may belittle you for not having a “real job”.

I would get these comments all the time:

  • Oh, are you still doing that website thing? Are you making any money? (after years of blogging, I still get this question)
  • Will you ever go back to working in an office? (Nope)
  • You don’t get bored being at home all the time? I could never do that.
  • I NEED a secure job. I don’t know how you do it.

At this point, I’ve heard it all. However, back when I was first getting started, these comments were very hurtful.

Here I am feeling super excited about pursuing my goal to grow my online business, sharing it with people I care about, and someone comes out of nowhere to make you doubt everything.

When you’re not making any money and you’re just making the transition into the online world, any comment like this can make you doubt yourself.

“What am I doing with my life???

No one prepared me for this. And you should be prepared.

The majority of people have jobs. They wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat. Anything outside this routine is considered “weird” or worse “risky”.

I was more than ready to take that risk because I valued freedom more than a safety of a job.

And if that’s what you value as well, and you are committed to making your blogging business work, you need to just understand that most people aren’t familiar with the whole online business industry.

You can either ignore the comments or enlighten them about this amazing opportunity.

Either way, don’t let these comments get to you. People get uncomfortable when they see someone “going for it” while they chose not to because of whatever reasons or excuses. So they try to say things to justify their decisions.

Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you 🙂

Giving Up Because It’s Not Making Money

This is a very common blogging mistake. Giving up way too soon because you’re not making any money.

When you’re just starting out, you’re gonna be figuring a lot of stuff out. You’ll be learning about how to build your blog and set-up all the plugins and analytics…

…You’ll be learning about how to drive traffic into your blog, and optimize your blog posts.

And if you’re an online coach, you’ll also be creating your packages, building the coaching systems you need, and finding clients. And this takes time.

So don’t feel demotivated if you’re making zero dollars after just a few weeks. I didn’t make a dime for months too.

I remember the first 70 cents I made from an Amazon affiliate link (happy dance!)

And you know what. That’s actually a good thing.

Your first months will give you time and space to figure things out, make mistakes, fix any technical problems, and set-up your website right so that when you have clients, everything is working properly.

Most people get into blogging because they see other bloggers making thousands of dollars per month. You probably read a ton of income reports.

While this is very inspiring, it is NOT helpful for beginners. Someone new to blogging who only reads these income reports may expect the same within the first weeks or months.

Please be prepared that you won’t make much money in your first weeks or even months of blogging.

However, if you stay consistent, self-disciplined, and committed, I promise you that your efforts will pay off. I share how I grew my blog traffic to 200k pageviews per month, I share how much work I had to do to have a breakthrough.

By the way, there are a ton of tips in that post to help you avoid my mistakes and get results faster. So don’t forget to check it out.

Giving Up Because You Keep Getting Technical Problems

Listen, technical issues are part of the blogging life. It’s just something you’re going to learn to accept and get used to!

It won’t happen all the time. But it will happen.

A plugin will break your website (a very common technical problem). Plugins’ compatibility issues will occur. Your website may go down because of a hosting issue.

Just expect these things to occur. The good news is that you’ll learn how to fix these or get others to fix them for you quickly.

At this point, whenever I experience a website problem, I’ll go and disable any recent plugins I added, or any plugins I recently updated.

I also look at whatever settings I’ve recently changed, reverse them, and see if this fixes the issue.

If nothing works, I just contact my host and they usually fix it for me in a matter of minutes.

If I can isolate the issue to a plugin, I disable it (so that my website goes back to normal), and I contact their support and they usually fix the issue with an update!

So nothing to freak out about. These things are always going to be part of your blogging life and it’s totally normal. Even the most successful bloggers experience technical issues every now and then.

Buying Too Many Courses (Shiny Object Syndrome)

We’re all guilty of it. I still love to check out blogging courses and almost hit that “buy button” before I realize…I really don’t need it.

I bought sooo many courses about pretty much everything. And to tell you the truth, I think the majority of them were redundant and I could have certainly saved a lot of money if I just didn’t let the marketing tactics work on me lol

Yes, many courses were helpful. But many others were just hyped up and over-priced.

There are so many courses that are affordable that taught me way more than big, over-hyped, courses. Some of these are:

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (worth every penny). This is the course I recommend. It’s affordable (compared to other Pinterest courses) and it’s constantly updated!

Traffic Transformation Guide (an amazing read for beginners and advanced bloggers). I read this e-book once every 6 months to refresh my memory because it contains amazing tips.

I also have a completely free guide to show you how to start your blog from scratch. If you just implement these courses, you’ll see amazing results without the need to invest in expensive courses.

Spending Hours Designing Your Logo And Graphics

Want to hear something funny? I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years on my first blog and I still don’t have a logo.

I created a simple “logo” with a nice font and that was it. I did the same thing for this website. I’m pretty sure you didn’t even stop to check my logo before reading this blog post, did you?

Because you came here to learn about blogging mistakes to expect (and to avoid) not to see my logo. You don’t care (and I actually don’t either). I want to spend my time writing blog posts like these to help you, not spend that precious time on logos or picking cute colors.

Yes, make an effort to build a clean looking website. But don’t spend more than the first initial hours to set-up everything. Many people spend weeks on this and they never get to actually create any content, which is the most important thing

Watching Every Webinar About Blogging

Please don’t waste your time watching every free webinar under the sun. I made this mistake and I had to stop because I realized they were just another distraction keeping me from actually growing my blog by doing the work.

There is no end to free webinars about blogging or building an online business. You should avoid them. Most of them are designed as a sales pitch. You’ll learn very vague and general information, and you’ll be asked to buy a course in the end to unlock the “real deal”.

This ties into the shiny object syndrome I talked about earlier. My advice for you is to just avoid getting stuck in the webinar-watching cycle.

There are no hidden secrets.

You’ll learn through experience, trial and error, and figuring stuff out on your own. Yes, you can invest in one or two courses. But just focus on those courses and apply everything you learn in them.

This would be my advice to you. Everything I learned that made a difference in my blogging business was through doing the work, applying what I learn in the courses I bought, and just being consistent every single day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. You now know the most common newbie blogging mistakes to avoid.

Thank you for reading this far 🙂 Make sure to check out my other blog posts below. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too.

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