About Sofia

Hi, I’m Sofia!

If you want to start a blogging business or a service-based business, turn your skills into a digital product, or coach clients online…then, you are in the right place!

Because, I’ve done it all. And, I can show you how to do that efficiently.

Listen. I know… The internet is saturated with blogs teaching how to make money blogging. Youtube gurus are everywhere. Lots of getting rich quick schemes if you’re not careful.

This blog is different.

I’ve actually been running a real online business.

I love waking up every morning to answer clients’ emails, create content for my programs, and make new youtube videos.

I grew my first blog to a full-time business, getting 200k visitors per month this year. No help from anyone whatsoever. I’ve done it all by myself.

I get more than 600,000+ visits each year on my health site… And it is growing every month so this number is always growing.

This website has some advanced tech to sustain the traffic. However, I can manage it anywhere I go!

My workplace during my vacation in Kauai

I don’t have a virtual assistant or contractors. Although, some days I do wish I had help (which I could get). The thing is, responding to emails takes the bulk of my time, and there is no way I’m delegating that. Because most emails contain health-related questions, I need to answer them myself. And I always answer emails personally. And that is my choice.

But you get the idea…I did not start an online business teaching others how to start an online business.

Why I decided To Share My Journey

…Pursuing my passion for health and wellness really changed my life. And I want to show you how it can transform your life too.

And most important, how to quickly scale without selling your soul and avoiding mistakes that can cost you time and money.

When I started my fitness website, I knew I was facing a big challenge:

A very saturated industry is full of influencers who are spending their days taking selfies of their abs.

That was NOT how I wanted to build my blog.

In fact, I wasn’t even passionate about that site of the fitness industry. I was more interested in functional training, corrective exercise, and holistic health.

I took a leap of faith during the darkest times of my life. I was struggling with an ‘invisible illness’. Chronic pain took over my life.

I had a job that basically funded my treatments.

I had no idea why I was in so much pain all day. I’ve always been into working out, eating healthy, and being active. So I had no idea why I was experiencing daily muscle pain.

I knew that my life was out of alignment.

After years of working really hard to transform my health and get better. I knew that I was never going to achieve real health and happiness unless I lived in true alignment. 

So I decided to pursue my dream to become a strength coach, and later on, I got certified as a corrective exercise specialist.

That’s how my first blog was born. Out of true passion for health and wellness.

And most importantly, I wanted to fill a need. I knew how hard navigating the healing journey is. It’s full of frustration and confusion. So I started sharing my routines and created programs to coach people who needed additional guidance and coaching.

I wrote articles and made videos. I also coached some amazing clients from all over the world!

In a few short years, my blog grew exponentially.

The most fulfilling thing is when I wake up each morning to read emails from people who find value in my content.

To be completely honest. It really doesn’t feel like work. Even though I can spend hours working on my blog. I truly enjoy it. When I’m not working on the business, I’m practicing what I preach…so I’m either working out or learning more about the topics I write about.

The Blogging About Blogging Side Of The Internet

The internet as I said is full of bloggers blogging about blogging.

That’s how they make money. Selling courses about blogging.

I do believe many of these people do provide great information to help you get started on your internet business journey. But, do you really know if that piece of information works for a market that’s not related to blogging?

What if you don’t blog about blogging.

What if you’re a trainer and you’re wondering how to take your business online so you can help and coach more people?

What if you’re an engineer, teacher, or coach and want to start selling your services online?

An online business can change your life.

Imagine being able to do work you’re passionate about anywhere in the world!

Being location independent. And finacially independent as well.

You control your life, busines, money, and mental wellbeing.

I hate having to go to a job and live in fear and uncertainty.

I dread that routine and living for the weekend.

I wanted to build something of value where I can directly positively impact people.

If you value freedom, living in alignment, and reaching your full potential, I promise you’ll get there. You just have to be stubborn and follow through every day.

It is my hope this blog will be a breath of fresh air if you want real practical information that’ll work.

Let’s build your business online!

Get started here by learning how to build your website and blog.