About Sofia

Hi, I’m Sofia!

Welcome to this corner of the internet!

My name is Sofia, and I am a Moroccan-Canadian online blogger and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, and now living in the Pacific Northwest, this blog is all about health, wealth, and wellness for women (with a Moroccan touch!)

Growing up, I’ve always appreciated our natural Moroccan beauty ways…My goal is to share that on this blog. You’ll find amazing DIY homemade beauty recipes, skin and hair care secrets, and so much more!.

As an online entrepreneur, I’ve been in the digital space for 7 years, coaching and creating amazing fitness programs for women to help them recover from chronic lower back pain. If you’re interested in turning your passion into an amazing business, I’m excited to show you how you can also achieve that…Check out the blog for step-by-step free guides.

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I hope you’ll enjoy this space!

My Hobbies and Favorite Things

  • Drinking ceremonial cacao
  • Fitness and working out
  • Healthy cooking
  • Reading
  • Paddleboarding!
  • The ocean and island travel
My workplace during my vacation in Kauai